Tuesday, November 08, 2005

College Admissions and Human Nature 

Surprise! 'Elite' institutions like Harvard, Yale (or dare I even say the UofC) shape their admissions criteria by what will make them look the most prestigious. And elite parents will try to shape society to protect their childrens' priviledged status. As one of my professors once said, "Them that has, gets". Seems to apply here. But then, hey, I'll want my kids to be smart like me, and go to a good college, so the above is not really a value judgement but more like stating the obvious.

I really should get into polics or something, since my parents are both blue collar and not college educated (hey, in the '60s, you didn't need college to get a decent job--case in point--my Mom worked for the CIA and was assistant auditor for a county in Ohio for several years. Think you could get that kind of job nowadays without a college degree?), and I grew up in a relatively poor environment. My sob story could take me far. Too bad graduate schools will probably not take the disadvantages my family overcame in producing me into consideration when I apply in a few years.

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