Friday, July 30, 2004

Michael Novak on the Democrats and George Bush 

Michael Novak on the Democrats and George Bush on National Review Online

The democrats will lose, and we will see that their strategy of hating in their own circles but portraying an empty, hollow policy of 'centrism' in public got them nowhere.

The Dems need someone like Lieberman, a democrat that I could vote for, to lead them out of the wilderness and back into serious political debate. Right now they're a bunch of whiny kids unhappy that they can't play with their favorite toy, the government.

Times are too historic today to let those that don't appreciate the magnitude of what needs to be done run the government.

Go Bush.

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Kerry Drops the Ball (and my election prediction is included below too!) 

The WaPo is right, Kerry missed his chance (and when the NYTs is not lauding Kerry, but critiquing his speech, you know it must have been bad, even beyond their spin attempts). The speech was mediocre and competent at best; it's rhetoric was trite and cliched and the substance was slim at best and absent most of the rest of the speech.

Even though I'm already set on voting for Bush in November, I can say that I cannot vote for a candidate that has no substance in his message. Kerry has no substance. What does he stand for? What he says on the campaign trail is one thing, and what he votes for in the senate is often the opposite.

I know where Bush stands, and I know he'll be resolute in long war that we have only begun to fight; I don't know if Kerry will, and I already suspect that he won't. And let's not go into the protectionism and socialist medical policies he mentioned tonight. What, does he want the thundering economy of France or Germany? The United States is the strongest economic power in the world because we allow our capitalist system to be dynamic. Protectionism will bring nothing but more joblessness and missery in the long run. Those that espouse protectionist policies don't understand that protecting wealth is easy, creating it is hard; wealth is best created in a system that has few impediments to trade.

I predict that Bush will win soundly because he is (and also percieved as being) a leader that is determined full of conviction, in stark contrast to Kerry. Also, the economy is in good shape (come on people, it's growing at a very nice rate!) and people will realize this in the coming months more and more; finally, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is improving daily. I'd say it's pretty good in Iraq right now compared to the death squads that romed in Saddam's day--Iraq is setting up a more representative and democratic system day by day.

So, in short, Bush wins handily, like Clinton did in '96, and maybe even approaching Reagan in '84 (no one expected that landslide then, did they?).

Now that my analysis is done, let me be a bit partisan:

Go Bush.

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