Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bush Twins: not so bad 

I agree that the twins were awkward to the extreme, but there were some funny lines. What they did was humanize Bush, though. No one is going to, or can publicly and cogently, hold their remarks against the President. However, they can take that light moment and understand that Bush and his family are like other families. That's what Laura is doing as well, but in a more serious way.

Also, I think it deserves to be mentioned that the Bush twins might have some appeal to a younger audience--they did make a lot of jokes that could appeal to those that are less politically minded and younger. Didn't hurt, and might help.

I agree that Rove didn't make a mistake with this one.

UPDATE: First, thanks to Mr. Glenn Reynolds for the publicity. It's much appreciated.

Now, more substantively, let me point out what Oxblog's "Man on the Floor" David Adesnik had to say about the Bush daughters:
After Arnold spoke, Jenna & Barbara came out to introduce their mother. They started out with bad jokes and stuck with their bad jokes all the way to the bitter end. Next to me, Tom was cringing and muttering under his breath.

It's not just that their jokes were inappropriate. Yes, it's embarrassing when the daughters of the family-values president remind their grandparents that Sex and the City is a television show and not just something your not supposed to talk about.

The bigger problem was that the twins came across as childish and totally lacking in substance. That is not what George Bush needs to help him overcame his reputation for being a lightweight.

These girls -- women, perhaps -- are graduates of some of America's best universities. Can't they talk about politics or ideas? Or at least talk about their father as a human being? Instead, they came across as self-involved, self-indulgent sorority girls.

Well, the clock is ticking and the bar is open so I'll share my thoughts about Laura a little bit later. Cheers!

While I'm unsure at this point if his last bit about hitting the pubs perhaps refutes his point about graduates of major American Universities, I'll lay it out there anyway.

I agree that perhaps graduates of a great institution should perhaps live up to the potential of their education, but anyone who thinks that serious discource is a major occurence on campuses is naive or ignorant (unless you go to the University of Chicago and have passion for Plato). Most time if filled with much more mundane activities like Scav Hunt or watching movies.

Yes, yes, this was a moment in which the Bush daughters should have perhaps given a better impression (although I disagree with Mr. Adesnik and think things didn't go nearly as bad as he did), but perhaps their failure to be spectacular was to be expected. Not every 22 year old is a blogger, a great public orator, or funny. Even if you are, try doing that in front of a demographic that is older and much different than you; try coming off as charming while political handlers manipulate you and the pressure of famous parents weighs down on you.

Mr. Adesnik disagrees with me, which is perfectly fine. The main flaw I find with his piece, though, is that he doesn't take his criticism and go anywhere with it. He doesn't launch into, say, nepotism--the daughters of the president, especially at their age, don't necessarily live up to our expectations. He doesn't consider what his preconceptions and expectations could mean about what we think about the office of the president and the first family.

He instead hits the pub. But if they're serving Sam Adams (or even better Old Speckled Hen), than I really can't blame him.

Now, yes, I noticed I have criticized without teasing out a broader conclusion myself. Maybe that itself says something about the human condition, though.

And then, of course, I don't have press credentials to the RNC;)

(Keep up the good work, Mr. Adesnik, but I couldn't resist disagreeing a bit more than perhaps I should)

Hi Blogger, I saw a page listed in a profile at www.SchoolBuddies.com. that talked about graduates and somehow it sent me here. I'll check out your site while I'm here. Have a good day. See ya.. Dave.
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