Monday, August 30, 2004

Too much time eating snails... 

...on vacation for Mr. Sullivan, who says that the Swift Boat issue is being coordinated by Mr. Rove. Clearly, he's gone off the deep end, which is unfortunate after so much good thought in the past. If Rove were really coordinating the ads, don't you think that the media establishment and the democratic party, both of which would love to see such an election-sinking scandal pinned on the President and his aids, would invest a lot of effort looking and eventually find the truth? Of course Mr. Rove isn't running these ads, because if he was it would be monumentally stupid and not advantageous in terms of Mr. Bush winning the election, because such cooberation would eventually be found out by the opposition.

This one by Mr. Sullivan is almost as bad as the luny accusations that Bush invaded Iraq to gain political support. 'Duh, yeah, let's wage a risky war because we're sure it'll turn out alright and I'll gain votes'. I wonder if Mr. Sullivan would fail the stupid test as well?

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