Sunday, October 10, 2004

Afghan elections... 

...seem to have went fairly well. Democracy can't be expected to be perfect, especially in a newly-democratic state. It must, however, be allowed to try, so that the people may work to make their state more democratic every day.

UPDATE: The WaPo editorial staff acknowledges the tremendous progress that Afghanistan has had in the last three years:
it also would be foolish to discount the advances Afghanistan has made in the past three years. Not only has most of the country enjoyed relative peace during that time, but per capita incomes have doubled, millions of children -- including most girls -- have returned to school, and infant mortality and other health measures have improved. Kabul and other cities are booming, a national road network is under construction and 3 million refugees have returned home. Mr. Karzai recently ousted two of the most powerful warlords from their governmental positions, and about a quarter of the militia members around the country have been demobilized.
Remember that this progress couldn't have happened if the US hadn't used its military power to remover a repressive regime.

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