Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm addicted to the corner, and you should be too 

Aside from the amusing exchanges between disgruntled readers that think NRO writers posting on the latest exit poll numbers "are doing immesurable damage" to GOP moral nationwide, there is a funny exchange on there about the imbalance in the first wave of exit polls between male and female responders. Here it is:
Cliff May:Jonah, you ask “why on earth” the exit pollsters are approaching more women than men. My guess: Because more men then women are working as exit pollsters.

Like if you had that job, you’d really pass up the pretty girls to go ask the men to fill out your silly little forms.

KJL:CLIFF IS EVIL: Now you've given all the women who weren't approached by pollsters a complex. Good work.
Ahhhh....presidential election day. Glad it only comes around once every four years. If it was more frequent our life-expectancies would go down.

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