Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stupid statements 

Times Online - World: "These northern Midwest states are virtually a new Confederacy. Modern America sees them as embodying its polarity. Arriving in Wisconsin from New York or Washington is like coming to a war front.

Suddenly there is noise. Television screens erupt in abusive advertisements. Posters and canvassers are everywhere. Europeans may feel aggrieved at not voting on the leadership of the Western world, but so do New Yorkers, Californians and Texans. Because they are predictable, they have seen virtually no campaigning. Instead Mr Bush has been to Wisconsin 13 times, Mr Kerry 12."

The people of Texas and California do matter. Bush would be hard pressed to win without Texas, and Kerry would have no chance without California and New York. Just because those states have clear majorities siding with one candidate doesn't meant that they don't matter. It just means that there won't be a fight for a few votes in that state.

I wonder how most people take the statement about those arriving from New York or Washington seeing the midwest like the Confederacy. That seems to be an oblique insult. Just because a clear majority don't support liberal elites like Kerry or Moore doesn't mean that they're backwards or unmodern. Maybe the author of this article should take off his blinders and stop being bigoted.

And, perhaps Europeans, who are unhappy because they have no say in the US elections, should invest in their militaries and in becoming friends with the US if they hope to have a real say in the dangerous world in which we live. Spinless whining is respected by very few, especially not by Americans nor by terrorists.

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