Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lebanon, Hezbollah and Freedom 

The effects of Bastardized Islam were evident again today, in the form of the "pro-Syrian" protests in Lebanon. Pro-syrian here seems to be a not so veiled euphemism for anti- American.
The rally, organized by the armed Shiite Muslim party Hezbollah, filled a huge plaza in central Beirut ...Hundreds of chanting protesters held aloft pictures of Syrian President Bashar Assad and placards reading, in English, "All Our Disasters Come From America" and "No for the American Intervention." While providing stark evidence of the size of Syria's support in Lebanon, the rally also underscored Hezbollah's deep concerns over foreign demands that it give up a potent arsenal that is a legacy of civil war..."I say to the Syrians, 'We are the Lebanese who are loyal, decent people,' " Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's secretary general, told the raucous crowd. "Syria is not only present as an army. It is present in the heart, the mind and the future of Lebanon."

In an statement of strange terrorist to terrorist appeasement, Nasrallah betrays his true intentions. Without Syrian support, Radical Islamic doctrine continues to fall, a goal of not only the US but of all free people.(incidentally, has it occurred to anyone that the US has hardly "intervened" at all, despite a recent assassination!?!) Like the insurgency in Iraq, these people are fighting to keep alive a dying dogma, a backward doctrine blind to progress and the will of the people. Its no surprise that the Sunnis make up the bulk of the Pro-syrian support. The spread of democracy has been opposed in every place it has recently blossomed by those who would benefit from its undoing. We all know what will happen if Syria leaves, and democracy is allowed to grow: there will be no place for terror and radical doctrines. The anti-Syrian protestors started something, and lets hope it gets finished.

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