Monday, March 14, 2005

Lebanon resistance will not be silenced 

The glorious opposition massed again today, in an incredible display (Check out the pictures). This thing is not going away, and this latest demonstration is a clear counter to those who thought that the sheer size of the pro-Syrian rally would deter the movement, or that the pro-Syrian march represented the will of the people. The problems continue for the dems and Euro-lefties alike, as they realize that they were, as usual, more wrong that they could have thought. The current trend seems to be grdually hedging back to the US's side, by slowly changing stances (see the IHT article, scroll pages at the bottom). More importantly, a pro-democratic outcome can only spell more trouble for Hezzbollah, despite some commentators thoughts to the contrary: Hezzbollah is a largely pro-Syrian terrorist group, and these two traits will not, or at least should not, bode well in a democratic Lebanon.

It's worth remembering that the US supported Syria's invasion as a better alternative to civil war and anarchy.

Hezbollah seems destined to be a central player in a future democratic Lebanon. Anti-US sentiment is very high in Lebanon due to its history with Israel, and chances are that the US will not greatly appreciate the democratic will of the Lebanese.

I think it's strange that so many commentators avoid the painful facts about Lebanon.
Would you mind explaining what precisely it is about this that "proves the lefties wrong"??
The original post is the dumbest post of the day on any blog that I have read so far.
Isn't Leb. already a democracy?
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