Sunday, March 20, 2005

More Democracy on the march... 

The world just seems to keep proving the Neo-Cons right. Before mentioning that "yes, Zimbabwe is a democracy," I would note that Hussein Iraq held elections as well, yet few would call that a democracy.
In 2000, the MDC candidate was run out of town and his house torched. His supporters were allegedly tortured at ruling party headquarters.

Clearly there are some things wrong here. Yet in the weeks preceding the election, the political climate has opened, and unprecedented amounts of freedom have been afforded opposition candidates. Why?
The US calls Zimbabwe one of the world's least democratic nations...The globally isolated government may have encouraged a more open climate, observers say, because it seeks more international legitimacy.
Think these two aren't related? Its time for opponents of the Neo-Con policy to wake up and smell the freedom, long fermenting and finally being unleashed in the less-than-savory corners of the world. Still can't see it, better think again...

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