Friday, April 01, 2005

Keeping the Schiavo travesty alive 

The cruelty to Terry's family in life continues even after she is dead. Implicit in this denial of media access is that the only person who will have access to the records is Michael Schiavo, who, incidentally, is the person about whom the inquiries of abuse were made. So what is the point? The only semi-plausible explanation is a desire to quell the media firestorm surrounding the incident, but withholding information will only spark more interest. Put the information out there, to remove any doubt. Freedom of information only applies to republican cabinet nominess I guess...
If the only person privy to the knowledge is the accused, than there can be no way of verifying anything. Also, it means that more questions will go unanswered for her parents, and other who first brought up allegations of neglect and mistreatment. When will the courts start to get it right? (as if its not too late already).

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