Monday, April 11, 2005

My Girlfriend... 

...said these lads are hot.

Mild jealousy ensued.

UPDATE: All is now right.

Another UPDATE: And now that I've found out that she thinks Ms Bellucci is hot as well, here's some real justice.

UPDATE: And just in case anyone was wondering, my girlfriend is Natalia Estrada. No, I kid you not.

Yes, they are all three hot, definately hotter than you. It takes a real insecure man to lie about what his girlfriend looks like. Why can't you post a REAL picture of her? Is she hot not enough for your blog?
Well, maybe if you get your own blog, and the stones to post something of informed substance (and perhaps a picture of your girlfriend), someone would care. Otherwise, stop posting moronic, off topic responses to these guys posts, whether you agree with them or not (can't say I agree all the time fellas ;-) )
Just because two people share the same name, doesn't mean someone should try to put it off as the model being his girlfriend, she is definately not the REAL Natalia Estrada.
Obviously it was a jest. Suggested by my girlfriend Natalia. Geeze, take a joke, people.

I'll put up a real picture sometime.
Don't you already have a picture up?


She is gorgeous!!! She has a beautiful smile, you're a lucky man.
I think your GF is better looking then the model.
I think it's time for the girlfriend (yes, the REAL Natalia Estrada) to step into this conversation.

The post was a result of mere joking. While I do think that the OTHER Natalia Estrada is quite attractive, the fact that her image is posted and not mine is part of a joke my friends and I enjoy involving the search power of Google and the sensation of sharing a name with a Spanish model. This was never meant to cause such a controversy.

Unfortunately a picture of myself will never be posted on Maroonblog. I forbid Jason from doing so (if he does, heads will roll). I'm self-conscience of my image and would not appreciate hundreds of readers seeing it every time they check out the website.

Thank you for hearing me out. Good day.

P.S.That's not me on http://home.uchicago.edu/~broander/. This can be verified if you check out a post from around February 2004. Sorry for the confusion.
One might wonder why pictures of an ex might be up, but not yours. Wouldn't you rather yours be there instead of hers? Would you want readers looking at the two of them together instead of the current?? It is just rather interesting.
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