Wednesday, April 13, 2005

On the Coming British Election 

Here's a good take on the odds of a Labor victory or a Tory upset, as well as a few great quotes which I will excert for you:
Since everyone knows that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown detest each other and that Brown will almost certainly try to oust Blair from Downing Street in the event of a large reduction in the government's majority, the Labor campaign has set out to demonstrate that they are the warmest of friends. The Minghella film rather overdid this. It showed Blair and Brown in the softest possible focus, seated around a bottle of Highland Spring water, swapping the sappiest platitudes and earnestly agreeing with each other about everything.

One was reminded of the line from that Tory wit Canning: "A sudden thought strikes me: let us swear eternal friendship."

It would, of course, have been almost impossible to disagree with a line like this from Brown: "Every child is precious; every child is unique; every child is special; every child deserves the chance to develop its own potential." But as Tom Utley wrote in the Daily Telegraph, if your own friend said anything like that in the course of a conversation, you would instantly assume that he had been drinking something much stronger than Highland Spring bottled water.


Labor was, incidentally, taking a risk by employing the director of a movie called The English Patient when the National Health Service remains dire despite Brown's massive injections of public money. Waiting lists for treatment are so long that the plural of patient is said to be patience.

There's something very foreign about British wit, but than something so very familiar. I love it.

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