Friday, April 01, 2005

Sandy Sandy Sandy....(tsk) 

Cnn is reporting that Sandy Berger will probably plead guilty, and prosecutors will recommend a fine and loss of clearance. Not surprising, the plea at least, considering he was caught with his pants down (or to be a little more literal, caught with something down his pants). As to the fine recommendation, I am surprised that there is less of an outcry to make an example of this sort of behavior. But then, I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising. It strikes me as particularly Clintonian, both in the sleazy perpetration of the crime, and the seeming lack of remorse. In fact, Clinton's explanation at the time (VIA the corner), is perhaps the most amusing:
"The innocent explanation is the most likely one, particularly given the facts involved,"
He goes on to make a quip about being "buried beneath papers." Right.
The media has played as a little a part as possible, possibly because this could have implications for madam Billary's assumed presidency. Its not hard to wonder what would have happened had Condoleezza Rice been caught in a similar situation... although the answer is even easier. It is hard to argue that this was, and is, not a blatant obstruction of justice. What about stealing documents vital to a federal investigation doesn't warrant more serious scrutiny and punisment? As usual, the media silence shows more about what is actually going on here than whatever careful comments are being made.

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