Thursday, April 07, 2005


The Congress has made a gesture toward justice by voting to reduce the US contributions to the UN peacekeeping missions, and rightly so. Stalin's quip about the Pope applies even more so here: without US troops and funding, "How many divisions do they have?" Yet I still shudder at the 25% number... where was the other 75% when the US acted to enforce UN impossed sanctions in Iraq?
But Sen. Joseph Biden, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, said the 25 percent cap could lead to the United States falling behind in its U.N. dues, as it did in the 1990s.

Falling behind in its dues? Who else pays as much as the US does? I mean, Oil for Food payed a lot, but to diplomats pockets. I think that Senator Biden, and other congressional Democrats, vastly overestimate the United States' need to pander to this crooked and backward organization. The US has been the only major catalyst for change since the Iraq war, and the UN has done all it can to avoid Human Rights violations in the Sudan, Zimbabwe, Israel / "Palestine" and elsewhere. The US is paying tremendous amounts of money to this organization, and in return the UN has failed spectacularly when the US came to collect. If the UN wants to regain any sort of legitimacy, they need to focus on Human Rights and issues that will garner broad support and re-establish the role the UN was meant to play. And they need to do it with less of our money!

You are dead on. We give so much to the causes of the world, that we should be exempt from dues. What do we owe the UN? Personally I think the UN is a joke. I cheered mightily when G.W. in essence told them where they could stick it over going up against Saddam.

He exposed them for the anti-american joke that they are, and succeeded in castrating any credibility they ever pretended to have.
>> If the UN wants to regain any sort of legitimacy...

and if the administration wants to gain any legitimacy... re...

- non-existant WMDs
- 1600+ dead soldiers
- Abu Graib
- phony niger yellow cake story
- bogus alum tube debacle
- terry schiavo talking points memo
- taxpayer funded social sec palooza tour
- tom delay
- and on and on....

- Jeff Gannon
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