Friday, April 22, 2005

What's so scary about John Bolton? 

John Bolton is the right man for the job, and the Democrats know it. The reason for their belligerent fear mongering is mainly that he will do what they cannot: utilize some common sense to defend American interests. Mona Charen said it best when she noted that Bolton doesn't believe that the US should leave the UN, but rather
He believes that the United States should lead the body, rather than be led by it.
Absolutely on the mark. And that is what I can't figure out about the democrats. With all their ingrained ability to manufacture shortcomings in Republican nominees and candidates, they seem unable to even acknowledge the rampant history of scandal, corruption and misconduct that the UN has left in the wake of "progress." We have only to look at Darfur, let alone Iraq, to see the consequences of such actions (or inaction). Earlier this week, two investigators in the "Oil-for-Food" scam resigned, claiming the report was too soft on Annan. Perhaps they are unfit for service to the UN also, simply based on their ability to criticize. This all seems so backward anyway, when one considers the fervor with which the left fought the Patriot Act, claiming provisions would allow dissenters to be arrested for disagreeing with government policy. But disagree with their blind affection for a shattered and failing organization, and you are unfit for government service.
What has become of the victim's party? How can they possibly support an organization that actually houses Country like Cuba, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia on the Human Rights Commission ? The answer is that Senator's like Barbara boxer are so partisan, so angered and invigorated by blind rhetoric, that they would rather support a regime of thugs and criminals than dare to side with a Republican. And incidentally, with America.

Yeah, he did such a good job in international disarmament. If he can match those accomplishments in the UN, we'll have the whole world nuclear-capable in no time.
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