Monday, May 09, 2005

Call a vote 

Senator John Cornyn's guest peice in the National Review provides sound, if somewhat anectdotal, argument for demanding an end to the partisan filibustering (Further background, see my post here, which the senator seems to echo somewhat). It's disappointing that an angry minority can so hijack and malign the democratic process that a woman has waited 4 years just to know whether she is confirmed or not. Its not as if they are continuing to reject her, which would be fully within the power of the Senate to do,they simply are refusing to call a vote.
Unsurprisingly, she enjoys the enthusiastic support of a bipartisan majority of senators.

Yet a partisan minority of senators now insists that Owen may not be confirmed without the support of a supermajority of 60 senators — a demand that is, by their own admission, wholly unprecedented in Senate history. Why? Simple: The case for opposing her is so weak that changing the rules is the only way they can defeat her nomination.
Remind me again how obstinant silence is "the voice of the minority?"

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