Saturday, May 14, 2005

Denim Revolution Update 

Latest news on the events unfolding North of the border:

+ It appears that the Conservatives have taken the lead in the latest polls conducted, according to the latest polling numbers. (See also here) What does it mean? Well, the shift in popular opinion continues, that’s for sure, but will it be enough to oust the current administration? And if so, will the people install a conservative one? Food for thought

+ Canadians, and Americans, are starting to pick up on the disparity in converge between Canada and the United States, noting the superiority of US blogger coverage to that of the Canadian media at large. See here and comments here

+ Much of the discussion seems to center around the ability and willingness of Canadians to shrug off, at least partially, the liberal run nanny-state government. (See comments here). At least one reader claims that the culture of "Conservative hate-on" will continue, despite the scandal. Wonder how this changes with the latest numbers (see above)

+ Even the little that had been accomplished recently by Canadian Parliament has been stalled, as Sudan has rejected Canadian attempts to send troops and aid to war ravaged Darfur.

Stay tuned, with the coming budget vote this is bound to get really interesting (and potentially nasty)

Someone called Canada a "one-party state," comparing it to Cuba. But, fact is, Canada is much more like Mexico. Until the last election, Mexico's PRI was the longest-ruling party on earth. It had no political position. It existed to win elections, and thus distributed money and power in ways most consistent with winning elections.

Canadians, drifting slowly but surely into the sort of genteel poverty the socialist state can't avoid, will get the government they deserve. The tyranny of Ontario and Quebec could very easily be ended by making the Canadian Senate into something other than what it is--that's how we in the States avoid the tyranny of California and New York. I remember seeing a copy of Maclean's right before an election with a picture of Stockwell Day on the cover with the headline: "How Scary?"

Now THAT'S scary.
I've long thought than an elected senate with an equal number of senators from each province would be a good thing for Canada, but it will never happen. That would involve an enormous surrendering of power by the federal government of the day, and no group of politicians, once in power, will be willing to do that. Even if it were to happen it wouldn't be a panacea by any means. Canada's problems are deeper than that.
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