Monday, May 16, 2005

Denim Update (2): 

Now that the weekend is over, things are heating up again in Canada (no pun intended).
+ The latest polling numbers are telling a different story in Ontario, where the Liberals maintain a commanding lead. But look a little deeper:
The Leger Marketing poll for the Sun chain of newspapers put support for the Liberals at 43 percent in Ontario compared to 31 percent for the main opposition Conservative Party.
n the June 2004 election the Liberals won 75 of Ontario's seats with 45 percent of the vote, a result which allowed them to form a minority government.

The headline, and exposition, of this story are misleading. If the polls are accurate, the liberals have actually lost ground in what is considered their stronghold. Very interesting...

+ The political unrest caused by the ongoing scandal, and the recent agitation for overthrow, have sent the Canadian dollar plummeting. Another convincing argument for Martin's resignation. Even if he wins the vote (which he probably won't), how can he justify staying in power when he is only causing economic and political woes to the country at large?

+ Conservatives are already parading out policy reforms, ahead of the expected election in June. Reuters is reporting support for bank mergers a move away from government regulation so popular under the liberal regime.

+ Lastly, Bloomberg has an interesting piece profiling the two MPs whose votes will likely decide the fate of the Prime Minister:
Chuck Cadman, who lists guitarist Eric Clapton among his heroes, and David Kilgour, who quit Martin's ruling Liberal Party over its policy toward the Darfur region of Sudan, are the only undecided lawmakers as Martin moves toward a critical vote in Ottawa this week. Without their support, his 10-month-old minority government will fall, leading to elections in June.

Guess I'm not the only one "Running on Faith..."

Stay tuned, more to come!

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