Friday, May 20, 2005

An eloquent review of Episode III 

Read this review from the WaPo. It captures the grandeur that is the greatest success of the new Star Wars. It's not a perfect film, but it would have been hard to make such a film perfect without someone like Wagner or Shakespeare working on it. The tale is that epic.

Ahhh...I love tragedy. And when it delites the inner fanboy in me, even better=)

UPDATE: Here's Instapundit's review and a roundup of reactions to the film.

Another UPDATE: Go here to read an interesting take on how Anakin brings balance to the force--he gets rid of the real problem, which was all force-wielders, good and bad (if one doesn't subscribe to the Extended Universe novels and Luke rebuilding the Jedi order).

I loved the movie! I thought it was a fitting end to the first half of the saga. I'll admit it seemed awfully quick that Anakin went over to the Dark Side, but if you take into effect that he had started down that road back in The Phantom Menace (~13 years earlier) then it's not so unbelievable. Plus you must remember that the Emperor was influencing him internally as well by using The Force. Remembering these two facts will help anyone struggling with the "quickness" of his abandoning the Jedi principles in this film. Also, anyone out there stupid enough to think George was trying to make a political statement about our current administration must not have their head screwed on right. The political aspects of these films is fascinating, but it's just a story! One he thought up and wrote over more than 30 years. You all are just deluded bloodthirsty (for Republicans) liberals who try to see parallels in the STAR WARS universe! So ask yourselves who's crazy. Sorry for my rant. I'm gonna see this again on Saturday (along with the other five episodes) because STAR WARS is the BEST film series ever created and I don't see it ever being topped! George Lucas ROCKS!!!!!!
While the movies, especially the latest three, could have been executed much better (even the latest one could have been done much better considering its potential for Wagnerian, Shakespearian tragedy), Lucas deserves credit for concieving one of the most fascinating and exciting fictional universes ever created. I'm really looking forward to the television series that are due out in the near future that will be written and directed by new (and most likely more talented) blood. The potential is there (as seen by Ep IV and V and outside ventures like the Clone Wars cartoons and the video game Knights of the Old Republic) for some truly great science fiction/fantasy adventure. I have great hopes for it. And I think its a lot less likely that I'll be disapointed this time. There is enough combined fanatiscism in the writing community that I think some truly gifted story tellers will be brought on board to do Star Wars justice.
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