Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Re: Denim 

Things are getting very interesting in Canadian Pariliament as the vote approaches. Most importantly, it appears that the budget will no longer serve as a referendum on the current administration, but rather an amendment to the bill that was meant to garner support from the NDP (Hat Tip: GHA).
"It's our intention to support Bill C-43, the original budget," Harper said, looking tired after a long day for the Conservative frontman that included the surprise defection of high-profile former leadership contender Belinda Stronach.

"We'll oppose Bill C-48, which was the deal with the NDP, which is complete irresponsible fiscal policy," Harper added.


Prime Minister Martin has said that both pieces of legislation are confidence matters, and that losing either vote would result in a federal election.

It appears, with the defection of Stronach, the vote will actually be even closer than predicted, but the Tory bloc should have enough with the votes of several key independants. Either way it goes, it will come down to about 2 votes.

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