Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Senate Compromise 

Well, the story of the day of course is the "compromise" struck to avoid a filibuster. As usual, National Review has an excellent roundup (here (excellent), as well as here and here), and good, insightful commentary can be found on proteinwisdom. Most interesting, a little piece about the New York Timesshooting itself in the foot on the filibuster issue. The attitude seems generally negative, and it should. Nearing a showdown that would have ended ongoing Democratic delay tactics as they continued to shrink into irrelevance, "moderate" (read: cowardly) Republican senators decided to take it into their hands to speak for the party at large by refusing to fight. Snatching defeat from the Jaws of victory, we instead get to read quotes of McCain extolling the virtues of the "voice of the minority," which as I have said before is such a false manipulation of the very essence of democracy that any who use it as defense should seriously be questioned in their capacity to lead. THE VOTE IS YOUR VOICE IN A DEMOCRACY. Not some petty, childish refusal to go on the record.
The only redeeming quality I can find right now is that this probably isn't over yet. The Supreme Court nominees will likely spark a new controversy, and perhaps it is there that Gondor will call for aide. This needs to be stopped, before we allow a bunch of sore losers to rewrite the constitution, and hijack the very workings of democracy.

Yes, it is great that we're getting a couple of our judges through this "deal", but what about the others? Has anybody out there noticed exactly how hypocritical this "deal" is for the democratic party. Wasn't their whole reason for filibustering these judges because they felt they were not qualified/too radical (basically just not fit) to be Federal judges? I thought this was their whole argument! But now they don't mind letting a couple through? What, are these couple of judges fit now? I didn't see them change. It seems to me that if you're not fit for a position then you're not fit for a position. But I guess that's just me.
This deal sucks. Go to NRO for a lot of reasons why it sucks. I don't have much else to say about it at the moment.
A radio talk show host in Washington D.C. (Chris Core) said it best when he described this as "the best poker bluff of all time" by the Democrats. You know, I think I'm MORE upset about this today than I was yesterday! These stupid Republican Senators need to be kicked out of office! Did anyone hear about the lawsuit over this? I hope they sock it to 'em!
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