Monday, May 09, 2005

Smooth Operator 

President Bush made some slick political moves in the last few days, and it seems they are paying off: His visit to Moscow helped to patch up relations with a troublesome Putin regime, but he demonstrated he was not afraid to charge forward with his charge of spreading liberty and democracy for the second term, even if it rubbed some of his friends the wrong way. Stopping in Georgia not only makes him the first President to do so, but also sends a clear signal to the Kremlin that the recent reigning in of civil liberties in Russia is not in line with the Bush agenda. The Georgians couldn't be happier, which is always a good thing. Wonder if John Kerry would consider this "working with our alies?" Then again, who cares what John Kerry thinks...

I am a supporter of George Bush and voted for him. And he is right in undermining Putin's authoritarian regime of Russia.

However, Georgia's authorities are corrupt!

Further, they consistently violate the minority rights and repeatedly discriminate against ethnic Armenians in Georgia.

Let's keep that in perspective, especially when giving them about $200,000.00 of U.S. taxpayer's money.
The corrupt Georgian authority was as much a reason for the Bush visit as a show of force to Russia. Nothing will scare authoritarians more than a confident, striding US president talking about high and lofty ideas of progress and equity. $200,000? Not sure where the number comes from, but in truth that is a drop in the budget bucket. Thanks for the readership, and I am glad we agree on Russia. Hope it doesn't stop there...
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