Monday, May 16, 2005

Walk the Walk 

It's time to get tough on Syria, and Condi has no qualms doing just that. This is an issue that should have been addressed some time ago.

"The Syrians have managed to get themselves in a situation of standing in the way of the progress of people in the Middle East and I would think that wouldn't be a very comfortable place for a Syrian regime to be," Rice said.

In addition to addressing recent Iraq issues, she also spoke to concerns about Syrian interference in the Lebanese elections. Its no secret how Syria feels about the United States, the much publicized alliance with Iran. Its time to really put the pressure on, especially if we want to actually shoot for the August Constitutional timeline. Foreign insurgents flowing across the Syrian border will be, and have been, a large obstacle to getting public opinion on board, especially in heavily Sunni areas. I also think we have a responsibility to the Lebanese to assist in an removing as much Syrian influence as possible. Hopefully, the Lebanese will use the power of their vote to elect a pro-western, moderate government, although it seems many are still loyal to the Syrians. I guess there's no accounting for taste...

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