Monday, May 09, 2005

Why we must fight for Freedom and democracy everywhere 

" I long for the day when all of us are free" Read it.

Those who say Iraq was better off without us, need to be reminded of what countries like that are really like. (And believe me, Iraq is much worse than China).

[Edit: Check out the pdf of the senate statement, and note who signed (or more accurately, who didn't sign]

You see, Americans tend to not think of the Chinese government as an enemy. We seem to forget that communism, anywhere, is ALWAYS our enemy. It is the enemy of free society! When will America wake up and realize that the Chinese government is evil? We need to remember that Taiwan is in constant danger of being nuked into oblivion, thus starting a third world war. I understand that outsourcing and trading with China is a great thing for the American people (as far as the cost of goods goes) but at the same time we are sending American dollars right into the Chinese government and thus right into the Chinese military! And the World is even more blind to this than we are with Europe wanting to lift the embargos on selling technologically advanced weapons to the Chinese (not that Russia hasn't been already for years). We need to wake up, World, and realize who REALLY is pulling the strings in N. Korea and who really will prove to be the biggest threat against the free world.
Well spoken. The problem of a weak spined Europe is nothing new, and it seems that it will fall on the US and regional allies to deter any Chinese agression towards Taiwan, including Japan, Vietnam, and some propose Russia (although recent arms sales lead to conflicting signals). I posted on the subject here with some links to comprehensive analysis I am sure you will find thought provoking. As to the US pumping money into China, the opposite is actually true. China is one of the biggest investors in US treasury bills. The effect is the same, however. The two way financial relationship will deter action by either side, since the Chinese need our financial market, and we need their investments in it. At the same time, it seems that a booming economy, expanding population and military tech, and unfettered Chinese nationalism will likely lead to Aggressive action against Taiwan. This is an ongoing topic at maroonblog, so check back for updates.
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