Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Econ Tidbit 

Rifling through my economics reading in preparation for tomorrow's final, I came across an excellent article by Allen Sanderson about the viability of some basic economic legislation that the lefties are always pushing for: Minimum wage hikes, Rent controls, etc.
The fact that proponents of the usual set of policy prescriptions—minimum-wage laws, living-wage ordinances, rent control, and so forth—remain adamantly opposed to any means-testing for recipients suggests that their agenda is much more finding ways to punish corporations and tilt playing fields in their selfish favor rather than to help the poor.

He mentions means testing in there, which of course leads to discussions of President Bush's plan to means test Social Security and Welfare recipients. While the plan seems to have fallen under the media radar, I think it merits some discussion, considering those who oppose the plan have yet to propose any viable alternatives, and refuse to examine the positive impacts of such a receding benefit plan. One has to wonder how a group of people can so adamantly support a progressive tax rate, and not similar measures to help revitalize social security and welfare systems badly in need.

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