Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"It was like someone took a picture with a flash and the flash stayed and was burning." 

A truly amazing story from one of the local papers about a man from my area who survived the Number 30 bus bombing in London. He was unbelievably close to being blown, literally, limb from limb:

Edwards said he started to ask a man in a striped shirt sitting one seat ahead of him for directions, but said the British can sometimes be standoffish, so he decided to go downstairs to get a closer look.
It was several minutes before enough debris was removed from his eyes to allow him to look around. First, he saw the carnage from people blown out of the top of the bus. Then, "I looked over and saw a decapitated body with a striped shirt by a tree," he said. It was the body of the man he was going to ask for directions.

The title quote seems to capture the feeling so perfectly: that one would think of the flash of a camera, not the explosion of a terrorist incendiary, only shows how good we in the US and Europe have had it, thanks in no small part to our continued pursuit of those who would commit these sorts of acts. Wonder what an Israeli Jew would have thought...

While on the subject, check out George's Miller's post on the nature of Islamic terrorism, following the bombings. He really cuts to the core of Europe's culturally backward "liberalism," and he is right on the money in calling for persons on all sides of politics to stand up and "call a spade a spade." It's short, so read it if you have time...

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