Friday, July 29, 2005

London Suspects in Custody, British Common sense still at large 

At least the ones from the 7/21 bombing are. Hopefully they will provide insight into whether or not the bombings are related to 7/7, and if so, perhaps lead to more arrests for that blast. British Police aren't wasting any time, which is a good thing, considering the amount of time the British people have wasted trying to cater to radical Islamofascists and "main stream" Muslims, who refuse to denounce terror and suicide bombings:

Muslim leaders and scholars condemned the London bombings Friday but stopped short of criticizing all suicide attacks, with some of them saying those targeting occupying forces are sometimes justified.

(And noting this can get you suspended indefinitely from talk radio) These are the same Muslim organizations who demand increasing "tolerance," and protection from hate crimes from a government that, while a staunch ally in Afghanistan and Iraq, would have bent over backward for Osama bin Laden if he were already in Britain, probably paying him an undisclosed libel settlement. Don't get me wrong, Islam itself is not the problem, at least directly, and most Muslims abhor these terrorists. But the actions, and often the inaction, of Muslim organizations in the west only fuel bigotry and encourage a new generation of Muslim youth to suicide bomb the hand that feeds it. Now that Muslim organizations have stepped forward today (in the US, mind you) and condemned ALL violence against civilians in a new fatwa, we seem to be moving in the right direction. But no such noise from the other side of the pond, where the issue should be much fresher in many minds. We all know, of course, that the bombings on 7/7 were Tony Blair's fault (See, for reference, the post on Bush and Blair's Big Iraqi Haliburton Oil Bonanza). It's really worrisome when Arab News Sources are more on target with their assessment of foreign policy than the British people.
Regardless, its nice to see that the authorities across the pond are vigorously pursuing the attackers, and let's hope that the British people continue to share this newfound zeal for defending the enemies of freedom, not funding their social healthcare.

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