Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Updates (as they come) 

Tony Blair and John Howard gave a great press conference earlier, Howard being in London to visit the victims of the 7/7 bombings. The video is available here, so I suggest you watch it (Hat Tip: GHA, obviously). The latest consensus seems to be that four explosions occurred, 3 of which malfunctioned or were incorrectly assembled, causing only the detonator to explode.
"We know that we've had four explosions or attempts at explosions. It is still pretty unclear as to what's happened.

"The bombs appear to be smaller than on the last occasion but we don't know the implications of all this yet and we're going to have to examine the scene very carefully.

My first thought has to be whether these were carried out by those responsible for the bombings two weeks ago (exactly two weeks). The problem with that theory is that the attacks this time around seem much less professional, and much more hurried. 3 out of 4 bombs malfunctioning doesn't sound like a successfully planned mission to me. This could be indicative, however, of progress on the investigatory front, since impending discovery could have pushed forward a timeline and resulted in the mostly botched attacks today.

[update:] Preliminary reports of 2 arrests are being filtered in via CNN, although no one seems to be able to tell what happened at the hospital (Check out Fox New's coverage, and the Corner for info on the explosions and the hospital \ arrest developments too):

Officers first rushed into the central London hospital amid reports they were looking for a man, possibly Asian, with wires protruding from his top.

They were stood down but witnesses told Reuters they saw police vehicles returning to the hospital later in what appeared to be a continuing operation.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said two arrests were made in the Westminster area but said they were not necessarily linked to the attacks.

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