Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Human Tragedy 

There's thousands of people on overpasses or the upper stories of buildings with no food or water. If they don't get any in a few days, help which is well in doubt in the depths of the flooded city, especially get water, there is going to be thousands of more deaths. This is an absolute tragedy.

There is not nearly enough help to provide food and water for the people of New Orleans. There is no instruction, order, law, or help in most of the city. There is help in certain areas, but people don't know where to go to get it. Instead, they remain where they are and slowly dehydrate to death.

The more I see what Shep Smith and his camera crew are displaying near the superdome at the housing projects, the more I become sick and angry that this is occuring and that there is no help available. We're the wealthiest country in the world, and yet we have people starving and dying for lack of rescue and aid (imagine what would have happened if this had occured in any other, less wealthy and prepared country) This is absolutely beyond words. I can't type any more...

Like I said, I'll say again. God help us all. Pray for the victims.

UPDATE: I think the one thing we have learned from this is the folly of building a city below sea level. It is supreme folly to place hundreds of thousands of people that are dependent for survival on an advanced infrastructure in a city below sea level. The people that live in modern cities are comletely dependent on the massive pillar of civilization and technology that we have constructed over the past 500 years. It's a long fall from that summit. And it appears that this pillar has collapsed on the northern Gulf coast, especially in New Orleans. I'm not saying that civilization is bad, and that technology is evil. I believe the opposite in most cases. However, as I said, it's folly to build a city in a place like Southern LA and put these hundreds of thousands of people in such a vulnerable position.

If we rebuild the city there and everyone moves back, God help us. If we can't learn from this mistake and live in places that don't risk being wiped out in one day, than we deserve what comes to us.

And just to mention the selfish argument--why should I have to pay to subsidize those that want to try to live again in such a stupid location? There has to be a limit. And the position New Orleans is in is clearly beyond any reasonable limit. If we don't learn from this catastrophe, than that will be a real tragedy.

We have to learn from the destruction of New Orleans. This isn't a movie, it's real.

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