Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A new nuclear response policy? 

I think the idea articulated here of coercing radical muslim nations and those that harbor radical muslims and terrorists into acting to root out those that would threaten the west (and instigating the people of those nations into throwing out their radical governments if they want to live) by threatening complete nuclear destruction of the radical muslim world seems like a decent idea. A nuclear attack on the US would bring about a nuclear response--we should at least remind the world of such a response and use this threat to try to create a deterance which might lessen the chance of a nuclear attack on American soil. It's in both the interest of the US and those bystanders in the radical muslim world that sit by while extremists run their government and plot destruction of the west. One should remember that if the people of Japan or Germany had, instead of sitting by and supporting their governments even when it was clear they were losing the war, had instead risen up and thrown out their governments many millions of lives would have been spared.

The trouble is these people think we are weak willed because of our past actions in dealing with them. They think that when it comes to a war of will power, they will win out in the end.

Our biggest enemy in my mind is here at home. The communists and socialists hiding in our ranks, camoflauged as upstanding polititions, who secretly plan and hope for our demise.
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