Wednesday, August 24, 2005

On killing Hugo 

I don't particularly see why it's bad for someone to call for a bad person to be eliminated, especially someone that idolizes Castro and wants to turn Venezuela into the next Cuba.

Constanst calls for something have a history of working. I mean, look at ancient Rome. One of the Punic Wars was caused in a large part by Cato the Censor ending his speeches in the Senate with "Carthago Delende Est" (Carthage must be destroyed).

Now, while leading up to the Third Punic War Carthage wasn't much of a threat to Rome, Hugo is on the other hand a great destabilizing force in northern South America. I don't see why giving him a covert bullet, which wouldn't cost much at all (especially compared to what we payed to get rid of Saddam) would be a bad thing. There are many democrats in Venezuela that would love to see their country free again. Removing the force that keeps these patriots from realizing their goal wouldn't be bad.

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