Friday, August 19, 2005

Rocket Attacks 

reported today in Jordan, narrowly missing a US ship and killing at least one:

Now here is the real kicker:
Jordanian security forces are hunting a Syrian and two Iraqi nationals, a security source said.

An Internet statement released by the al-Qaida-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades militant group claimed responsibility the attacks.

Well color me confused, but I thought that Iraq wasn't part of the war on terror... isn't that what Cindy Sheehan told me? She, and the other left-wing wackos who are pulling her puppet strings, just can't get their head around the idea that Islamic terrorism is not confined to national borders. It is a movement, an ideology, one that influences Palestinian suicide bombers, Jordanian rocketeers, Osama's airline pilots, and brutal Iraqi dictators alike. If what happened in Iraq under Saddam wasn't terrorism enough, than today's attack should only highlight the existence of terror that has clear ties to Iraq, and to the movements and ideologies that were fostered by it. This only shows the need for US forces to stay the course, not only in Iraq, but in the middle east in general. But that is only half the story. The New York Times is already drawing the obvious connection:
The Israeli government is in the middle of removing settlers from the Gaza Strip, in order to turn over authority of that land to Palestinians. Though Israeli troops have had to herd hard-line settlers onto buses and out of the territory, the removal has been relatively quick and peaceful so far. About half the population of Jordan is Palestinian, and most people in this country strongly favor the unilateral move by Israel.

Again, I seem a tad bit confused: I thought that if the Israelis made concessions to the terrorist PLO and yanked their own citizens from their homes, the Palestinians would just capitulate, give up suicide bombing women and children, and stop trying to drive the infidel Jews into the sea. Yet on the day of the pullout, Israel is the target of...a terrorist attack, from a country "half Palestinian." Could that mean that (gasp) making concessions to a terrorist enemy only emboldens that enemy?

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