Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Today's links: Lebanon Redux, Nasa Lounge, and Profanity in the Classroom 

Since we have sort of a habit of linking to a lot of interesting content during the course of the Day, I figured I would consolidate my links into one daily post, leaving more room for you, the reader, to enjoy my sound, liberal-quashing logic and abrasive but charming wit in the remaining body of the day's work. Today's theme: links not produced by National Review, since Jason seems to have covered pretty much every article available on the entire site.(Now I have a Karma Debt :-P). Anyway, here we go:

+ The drama in Lebanon isn't over yet: 3 Syrians were arrested in connection with the murder of Hariri... More on this to come obviously, but let me say for those who want to brush up that we had excellent coverage of the events as they unfolded (more in the archives, and more to come it seems)

+ The New Criterion offers an informative and honest review of the Museum of the American Indian, which is particularly relevant given the current Hawaii situation.

+ If you don't read the weekly standard already, you should start with this article on the failings of the 9/11 commission. Some good follow up commentary is available on CQB

+ Personally, I can't stand the amount of media coverage Cindy Sheehan is getting from either side as it is, but if you are interested, read this article by Christopher Hitchens on the true rantings and backward morality of the situation.

+ If you're a huge dork, and you have some time to spare, check out The Astronaut Flight Lounge on Nasa.gov. Come on, you know it's cool

+ Yet another reason to switch to FireFox, as if you needed one

+ Here's more on the growing rumors of a pending Al Qaeda attack on Asia. Not sure of the validity, but let me say that it doesn't seem a good idea to instantly piss off a Billion people... a Billion more that is.

+ Katrina's damage is all Bush's fault... how long did that take KOS?

+ And how's this for academic diversity: A UK School is going to allow cursing at a teacher. That should be some Show and tell...

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