Tuesday, August 30, 2005

UChicago more liberal than Berkeley? 

Well, at least as far as donations go by law school profs, yes:
The percentages of professors contributing to Democrats were even more lopsided at some of the most prestigious schools: 91 percent at Harvard, 92 at Yale, 94 at Stanford. At the University of Virginia, on the other hand, contributions were about evenly divided between the parties. The sample sizes at some schools may be too small to allow for comparisons, though it bears noting that by this measure the University of Chicago is slightly more liberal than Berkeley.
But yet the UChicago law school is known as a home of judicial conservatism. I guess they keep it professional as far as their work goes, and keep their politics outside of their jobs. That sounds like a good model to emulate.

UPDATE: Also from the above linked article:
"liberal ideas might well be strengthened and made more effective if liberals had to run a more conservative gantlet among their own colleagues when developing them."
Well, duh. That's why going to Uchicago, which may be more conservative than other 'elite' schools but still very liberal in general, has given me an inellectual 'robustness' that my liberal peers lack. It seems to me that the great weakness of the liberal movement is that its ideas are only tested and propogated among its own adhearants (as the quote above expresses; see also this commentary), thus leading to foolish ideas that are impracticle and do nothing but make other liberals nod their heads and smile before returning to watch some more CNN. Opposition to one hones strength and skill. That seems to me why 'conservatives' (I like to call myself a classical liberal, heh) are a much more robust movement. By discussing with my airhead, unthinking peers I get smarter from their opposition, while all they do is get frustrated by the fact that I don't agree with them. It's always quite silly, and they can never engage in a good discussion because they never think about their political dogmatism much because everyone around them at school agrees with them. Good for me, bad for them.

I say to all conservative youngins--go to an elite school like UChicago (especially UChicago, where you can get arguably the best undergrad education anywhere) where there are vestiges of classical critical thinking to be taken advantage of, and plenty of liberals to argue with. The trial will leave you much stronger and much, much smarter.

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