Friday, August 12, 2005

Why drugs should be legal 

From My Pet Jawa:
Drug use is bad. The only thing worse than letting people take drugs, that I can think of, is forcing people to do the right thing and not take drugs.

A slave is not good or bad because his actions are not his choice. People can only be moral when they choose to do the right thing, and a system of government that forces people to be good ceases to be the serveant of the people and instead becomes their master.

I am for the legalization of drugs not because I am for drug use, but because I am for moral government.
I very sypmathetic to the personal responsibility argument. I've made mistakes by being irresponsible, and I've paid for them. But, because I have to live with the consequences, I've learned from them and become a better, deeper person. People can't learn if they don't face the consequences of their actions.

Anyway, I find the argument that being allowed to make your own decisions (free will) is at the heart of the ability to choose good and evil. It jives with a particular argument that I like which explains why God allows evil in the world (so people can choose to be good). We need more bloggers with sense like this.

It's a good thing they don't apply this argument to murder or theft. ;-)

BTW, moral government enacts laws that create an environment where the common good can be achieved.

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