Friday, September 02, 2005

Bush the Leader is back 

Just on live TV: The scrunched brows and the jaw grind are back.  Bush seems like he did after 9/11.  He seems pissed and determined to fix the situation down south.  He discussed that he had just received a briefing from the principals.  Clearly now that he’s been informed on the latest situation, he’s got enough information to begin making judgments and decisions on the future of this operation.  I don’t criticize him for taking time to do this since he doesn’t micromanage things all the time, so he has to get up to speed on things when he does want to take command.  And take command he clearly is doing.  He called the situation “unacceptable”.  Then he ground his jaw.  His determination is what I want to see.  It’d good to see a leader that has an opinion and is determined to do things.  In situations like this, we want a strong leader to follow.  And it seems that when push comes to shove, Bush is transformed into that leader by an inner desire to do good.

As an aside, calling it unacceptable is a good political move since he instantly empathizes with everyone suffering down there with that word.  However, I think what he said is more than that.  He looked determined, and he’s almost certainly determined.  I bet things will improve quite quickly now.

UPDATE: There are some Fox pundits saying that the “unacceptable” phrase shows that Bush is clearly unhappy with Chertoff’s handeling of the federal response.  That seems like a fair assessment.  However, the Homeland Sec was standing next to Bush when he said that, so he must not be too pissed at him.  I guess we’ll see what Bush’s new determination will do to improve the response.

Bush’ll be in the devastated region today.  Maybe there’ll be another moment like when he stood on the rubble and addressed the firefighters.  That would be good for moral for everyone.  Here’s hoping.

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