Sunday, September 04, 2005

Local Officals in LA to blame 

I love reading all of the articles in the paper this morning blaming the federal government, the President, and the nation for screwing New Orleans, well, I mean the poor in New Orleans.  However, I imagine when all is said and done, unless the President and most common-sensical people lose the PR war, it will come out that who’s really to blame for all of this is the local officials in LA and N.O (read that whole post, it’s great—here’s the key phrase: ‘"incompetent bureaucracy drag race" to the bottom.’).  Like I said before, the political corruption in LA has come home to roost in a big, tragic way.

UPDATE: Mr. Reynolds has hammered this point home along with blaming MSM for crying wolf too much, but I think it’s worth linking to.  However, hearing MSM enough that one was lured into making a very STUPID mistake and stay in New Orleans does not mean the federal government is to blame.

And, I can’t believe I missed this little gem that explains it all: Klingons have invaded the French Quarter!

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