Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mean, Nasty Mr. Bush 

just won't stop with his global warming hurricanes. It looks like maybe the occupants of New Orleans are cursed: The first hurricane destroyed their home, and the next one followed the survivors to Houston! But seriously, this will provide a real opportunity for us to put the lessons of Katrina's nightmare to work: evacuate early, LISTEN TO EVACUATION ORDERS, and order evacuations wherever there is a possibility of trouble. Have the National Guard ready (as it was for Katrina, but bah), and ensure that State and Local governments are active and prepared, instead of languishing in their own self pity, refusing to order evacuations until Bush calls you and tells you too, and misallocating money sent to help prevent and repair these sort of disasters.
It looks as if Galvaston and New Orleans are being proactive this time:
Officials of Galveston, Texas — nearly 900 miles from Key West — were already calling for a voluntary evacuation. Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco urged everyone in the southwest part of the state to prepare to evacuate.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin suspended his plan Monday to start bringing residents back to the city after warnings that Rita could follow Hurricane Katrina's course and rupture his city's weakened levees.

Watch this, as it is sure to develop much more spin, and I don't mean wind...

Hurricanes are only going to become a bigger problem as time goes on. I just saw Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" and it was more convincing than ever that we need to do something about the global warming problem (in addition to your point about getting competent leaders in power).
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