Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Witness the emasculation of national sovereignty 

I’m glad the US saw the International Criminal Court for what it is—a means for the opponents of a nation and its policies to undermine that nation’s right and responsibility to maintain its borders and its internal and external security.  When nations start sending generals to the dock for making justifiable tactical decisions in war—war is war, it is not politically correct—as some British prosecutors want to do to visiting Israeli generals, how is a military to operate effectively when its commanders must constantly fear being molested by legions of lawyers?  It can’t, and thus that nation’s security is compromised.  And since domestic and international security of today and the last several hundred years is founded on the rock of national sovereignty, this can only be the first step down a road to anarchy and the destruction of good societies that are mislead into thinking that emasculating themselves—and thus leaving themselves open to being taken advantage of by less good and downright evil regimes—is a good thing.

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