Thursday, October 13, 2005

Journalists as priviledged nobility 

If the government grants someone a title and priviledges, isn't that nobility? Soon, we may have government-approved 'journalists' with special priviledges that ordinary citizens don't recieve. No, these people won't be elected and won't really be answerable to the people, unless the government yanks titles when the people complain. But isn't that what the government does now when it fires its employees...?

Gee, I want these special priviledges, since I don't want to live as a second class, non-journalist citizen. Guess I'll need to always be a part-time member of this elite caste...

This is even more stupid than the constitutionality of campaign finance laws that do nothing but limit speech. There are probably very few things that would cause the founding fathers to roll over in their graves, but stuff like this has to qualify.

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