Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Withdrawn 

IT'S A FAKE!. Miers withdrawn. Well, that changes things. Was it on purpose? Hard to say, but the short term will be bad publicity either way. Already democrats are accusing him of bowing to extremists (envision the Democrat playbook: If he pushes her, she's a radical. If he abandons her, she was a moderate, and he's bowing to radicals). What's coming next? It seems that this was a smart move in the long run, even if it wasn't on purpose. Getting the base fired up would have backfired if he had pushed Miers, but now that he has withdrawn he has a chance to play off the momentum of newly energized conservatives, fired up after a disappointing nomination forced vocal opposition. If he goes for broke with a real traditionalist nominee, he will regain the base's support, and force the democrats to roll over and play dead, or show their true faces and risk it all in an interm election where they will be seen as the party of procrastination and negativity. This could be good.

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