Sunday, October 30, 2005

Putting the court in its place 

After the terrorist bombings in New Delhi there's a lot we could learn from the Indians:
"These are dastardly acts of terrorism," Singh said in a brief televised statement. "We shall defeat their nefarious designs and will not allow them to succeed. We are resolute in our commitment to fighting terrorism in all forms."

If only he would run for congress! It seems that Condi gets the point, but that's no surprise:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice also condemned the attacks, which she said were "made more heinous in that they deliberately targeted innocent civilians preparing for holiday celebrations."

Rice said the attacks served as a "another sad reminder that terror knows no borders and respects no religion."

With all the hullabalooh about judicial nominees and CIA leaks, its easy to forget about the men and women who are fighting so far away, regardless of who gets nominated, rejected, leaked, fired or probed. They fight on so that we won't have to live with the scenes from New Delhi here in America, or in Iraq for that matter. Even though I'm sure this blog will heat up in the coming weeks with the fervor of a new nominee, I feel like a little perspective is in order. No matter what happens, we have them to thank for being able to argue about it at all.

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