Sunday, November 20, 2005

And I'm supposed to sleep now? 

Andrew Stuttaford thinks that little will be able to be done concerning Iran's drive to acquire nuclear weapons, and that we will have to learn to live in a world with a nuclear-armed Iran. How depressing is that? It'd be like living in a nightmare, crazy fanatics with nuclear weapons. Isn't that what we vowed we'd never let happen after 9/11?

Daniel Drezner
analyzes the latest developments in the attempt to reach a compromise with Iran, writing that the US may be working to successfully convince the rest of the world that Iran can't be dealt with and thus Security Council measures with backbone may be issued.

I hope, either through diplomacy or the hard choice of taking military action, that we can stop Iran from getting nukes. Because it's obvious that as long as the Islamo-fascists are running Iran a nuclear-equiped Iran will be a supplier of nuclear weapons to the terrorists that would actually deploy them against us. And that's obviously just very, very bad.

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