Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Big Mistake 

Democrats that have been openly talking of retreat and defeat (hey, that phrase just sounds Jesse Jackson-esque and thus 'Democratic') have probably stumbled into a pitfall they should have seen coming. It's pretty obvious that the steamroller they had built up in the news cycle a month ago is losing momentum, to say the least. Bush is dictating what is being discussed (and he should have been doing so months ago--if he had been he and the rest of us who are responsible on foreign policy wouldn't have to keep explaining and defending in the same arguments and policies over and over again), and everyone knows that when you're on the defensive, especially in a political war, you're probably losing.

I suppose I should thank the Democrats for jumping the shark and finally just calling for a pull-out from Iraq. Glenn Reynolds has thoughts (and quotes to back it up) on how the Murtha debacle has actually solidified the coalition in favor of remaining in Iraq and winning.

I especially like his mentioning of this:
A colossal mistake -- and, in some cases, a political move by those who don't care if America is defeated, so long as Bush is. For others, it's a simple case of cowardice. As John F. Kennedy noted when he wrote his book, Profiles in Courage, physical courage of the battlefield variety is much more common than political courage, and we're seeing both Democrats and Republicans go wobbly in places.

Political courage is what makes statesmen. Even though his critics call him a moron (strangely enough these same critics claim to have been duped by this 'moron', but that's beside the point), Bush's solid stance is very statesmen-like. If his policies succeed, which I think they will based on what we've seen so far, he'll go down in history as a foresighted statesman. Oh, the amount of crow that'll be eaten will be unimaginable.

I say more statesmen, and less wobbling. Wobbling is often the biggest mistake.

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