Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chris Mathews is an idiot 

Michelle Malkin, with a very tragic picture from the non-so-distant past, shows why.

I hate people who say relativist crap like Mathews did. Do they THINK about what the implications of what they say are? If attacking the world trade center was okay, was the HOLOCAUST okay?

No, they both are not okay. There is a line beyond which certain views and beliefs are no longer okay. If we erase that line, we lose the basis for our civilization. Cripes. There is natural right, and thus natural wrong.

Idiot journalists (and other unthinking people in general) need some basic training in how to think. They need to go read a few of Plato's dialogues, and Aristotle's Ethics, as just a start. The font of such problems is people don't think about what they believe in, they just accept certain things that sound good as true and thus keep repeating them as dogma. Socrates pointed this problem out 2500 years ago. Haven't we learned anything since then?

Think, people. It's what separates you from every other animal. It's what makes a man, a woman. Think. It doesn't hurt, and often is quite fun.

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