Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Democrats are losing the fundraising race? 

Wha? How can they manage that, when Bush's poll numbers are so low? Is Howard Dean that incompetent as leader of the DNC, or does this just show that the apparent unhappiness of large parts of the populace with Bush and Republicans is merely a passing unhappiness, since many, many more people are voting for the GOP with their pocketbooks than for democrats. Time will well, but these numbers most likely do mean there is much less Republican weakness than hopefull Democrats believe.

My prediction (Which means nothing -ed) for next year is that Republicans pick up a couple of house seats and at least lose nothing in the Senate, thus maintaining control of congress with their decent majorities. These numbers must mean there is some hidden strength in the GOP and a hidden weakness on the Dems that is being overlooked by rabid pundits right now.

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