Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Denim Revolution is Complete! 

The Canadian AdScam Scandal, that some months ago prompted a near removal of the minority government, has finally resulted in the downfall and toppling of the Canadian Government. The vote of no confidence passed, as the three opposition parties in parliament voted as a block to remove the scandal ridden regime. Back in April I reported on the "Denim Revolution" in Canada, so called for the MPs who protested by wearing jeans to parliament, and predicted the government would fall to the budget vote.
Who knows, maybe this will be known as the denim revolution, and join the ranks of Ukraine, Lebanon, Georgia and others as the Canadians shake off their own brand of corruption, in favor of a rule reflecting the will of the people. Perhaps Canada would even return to its place as a stalwart supporter of the US and Anglosphere Allies Australia, and Britain. Here's hoping.

It managed to survive the vote, by despite sharp opposition, but the fate of the government was clear, and inevitable. Amusingly, the language of that post was eerily similar to that of the victorious, for now, conservative leader Stephen Harper:
"This is not just the end of a tired, directionless, scandal-plagued government," Harper said after Monday's vote. "It's the start of a bright new future for this country."

So the denim revolution has come to fruition at last. What now? CNN is reporting that the vote wasn't even all that close, with the vote of no confidence passing by a 171-133 count. The problem remains for hopeful conservatives, however, that the vote only passed because of a 3 party bloc. Liberals are polling at an all time low, and conservatives are almost even with them. If the Quebec separatists manage to pull enough seats, the conservatives are poised to claim the majority, and perhaps turn back from the dreaded precipice of Europeanization. Harper, the conservative heir apparent, has credentials that one could only dream of in a Canadian Prime Minister a decade ago: "He supports modest tax cuts, an end to corporate welfare, and the betterment of strained Canada-U.S. relations." Unfortunately, this one is far from in the bag, and it remains possible the vote of no confidence could ultimately result in a new, but still Liberal, ruling party. Still, I can't help the urge to add Canada to the growing list of countries on their way back to the light. Stay tuned.

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