Saturday, November 19, 2005

I bid you good night, sir. 

After this epic (by my normal practices, at least) night of blogging, I'm retiring for the evening. Goodnight. I leave you with this bit of satire.

Sadly, actually, satire may be too generous of a description of that graphic after one considers what I heard tonight out of the mouths of some Democratic members of congress.

isn't bad either, if you're looking for funnies.

UPDATE: I lied. I couldn't wait posting this until tomorrow. John Hinderaker thinks that tonight was an exercise in folly by the GOP--that it did nothing to hurt the democrats. I think he might be going a bit far by saying that, especially since Murtha's resolution was so strongly against continued involvement in Iraq and advocated very quick withdrawl. However, the fact that it didn't use Murtha's exact phrase weakens the result a bit.

It all depends on if the GOP can stop the democrats from spinning this vote into meaninglessness. I think that such a task for the Dems will be difficult, and even if they succeed, doing so will put them on the defensive for a while, which will allow the President to talk about our successes abroad and to thus strengthen his position. I mean, this showing of even a little backbone is better than the beating republicans were allowing themselves to take over the last several unrebutted weeks (until last weekend.

Another UPDATE: Aaaaa... Must...find...bed.......must...sleeeep.....

The Captain
blogged a few opinions on tonights proceedings in the House, coming down generally against the democrats for not having enough moral courage to stand up for what many of them believe in (withdrawing).

John Cross's liveblog of tonight rivals my own for length, and exceeds my efforts in that he got to liveblog the entire debate.

Now, finis.

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