Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I hope these numbers are wrong 

The voter turnout in my home county of Montgomery, in Ohio, was pretty low today. Like 'I don't belive this' low. For a fire levy in a decent sized town nearby, there were 3 votes cast. For major in Clayton Ohio, where I live, there were 160 votes cast. And there are tens of thousands of people living in this city!

The results say 100% reporting, but I just don't believe it. If these results are the rough final numbers, I'm going to go drink tonight. A lot.

Bright side, though--the state constitutional amendments forced on the ballot by Soros money from out of state look like they're going to fail miserably. If that's the case, good. I don't want my voter district lines drawn by a formula. Somehow a district between here and Cleveland would not be good for upholding the principles of local representation.

UPDATE: Now the results say 0% for precincts instead of 100%. Maybe those numbers I saw were just a glitch, and now the final results. I hope so.

Another UPDATE: Yeah, numbers were wrong. More people voted. Yay. Go democracy. And the 4 worst con amendments failed miserably. Go Ohio solidarity. That'll show outsiders that they shouldn't try to influence how we govern ourselves.

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